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Napísané: Ut Okt 03, 2006 1:09 am
od užívateľa _rasel^
Vysla nova verzia Etomite
Zmeny (hlavne bezpecnostne, API, a 1 manager mod):
(Thanks Dean, Mikef, Nalagar, mmjaeger, and anyone else who helped out)
  • Added syncsite() function to the API, called using $etomite->syncsite();, which clears and rebuilds the site cache.
  • Modified checkPermissions() for proper visitor permissions checks. See source for additional info.
  • Not documented previously: additional API functions intTableExists($table) and extTableExists($table) for testing to see if a database table exists.
  • Modified getIntTableRows() and getExtTableRows() to have a $push variable parameter. $push = ( true = [default] array_push results into a multi-demensional array | false = return MySQL resultset )
  • Modified getIntTableRows() to include $addPrefix = whether to check for and/or add $this->dbConfig['table_prefix'] to the table name. (true=default | false)
  • Modified getParent() API function. Now works properly when an $id is passed or when parent id is the root of the doc tree.
  • Corrected index.php defaults.
  • Fixed Forms class issues.
  • Added patches that have been released via the forums.
  • Alternate language file selection and config for the Xinha WYSIWYG text editor fixed.
  • Fixed problem where users could move documents to a folder which they do not have premission to access.
  • FCKeditor config Fixed,
  • TinyMCE Tab issues Fixed.
  • iBrowser Security Vulnerability Fixed.
  • SQL injection exploit Fixed.
  • Added Nalagar's Drag and Drop and Sortable Menu Mod - thanks Nalagar.
  • Added Nalagar's Duplicate and Invalid Character Mod - thanks Nalagar.
  • Integrated new RTE Editor (including Nalagar's fix for converting [~ ~] back) - thanks Ralph and Nalagar.
  • Updated the installer to correct || to && for IIS installs - thanks MikeF.
  • Add more than one keyword at a time Mod.
  • Changed Version Numbers in
  • Added notice in installer reminding users to chmod the file so it is unwriteable after install
Edit: V jazykovych suborch medzi Etomite 0.6.1 a sa neudiali ziadne zmeny! (V e-maily som sa kusok pomylil.)

Napísané: Ut Okt 03, 2006 7:24 am
od užívateľa churchyard
Added Nalagar's Drag and Drop and Sortable Menu Mod - thanks Nalagar.
Je DragSortTree?

Napísané: Ut Okt 03, 2006 8:32 am
od užívateľa _rasel^
Jj, to je presne tento mod.

Napísané: Ut Okt 03, 2006 6:29 pm
od užívateľa _rasel^
A je tu Etomite (wuhehe) :lol: Bolo tam urobenych iba zopar zmien/korektur...

Napísané: Ut Okt 03, 2006 7:09 pm
od užívateľa churchyard
Kolik jich jeste bude?

Napísané: St Okt 04, 2006 9:13 pm
od užívateľa Serchan
ta ja pockam este zopar dni a mozno vyjde aj 0,7.. :) :) :D

a na tiez pasuje ten Slovensky preklad???

Napísané: St Okt 04, 2006 9:31 pm
od užívateľa _rasel^
Jj, aj na 'pasuje'.
btw: Som to ja ale lenivy... na stiahnutie som pridal iba slovensky preklad. V najblizsom volnom case upravim a prekonvertujem aj cesky preklad (snad ma niekto predbehne :D).