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Upravenie copyrightu v phpbb2

Napísané: So Júl 08, 2006 4:01 pm
od užívateľa Spade

Potrebujem prepisat jednu vec v copyrighte v phpbb2 - vie mi niekto povedat, kde sa ten text nachadza?

Diky vopred.

Napísané: So Júl 08, 2006 6:33 pm
od užívateľa dutch
ve slozce templaty, u ktery to chces zmenit je soubor page_footer [nebo mozna simple_footer, dulezity je to footer], a tady to zmenis...

obsah toho souboru bude neco ve smyslu:

Kód: Vybrať všetko

<div align="center"><span class="copyright"><br />
	We request you retain the full copyright notice below including the link to
	This not only gives respect to the large amount of time given freely by the developers
	but also helps build interest, traffic and use of phpBB 2.0. If you cannot (for good
	reason) retain the full copyright we request you at least leave in place the 
	Powered by phpBB line, with phpBB linked to If you refuse
	to include even this then support on our forums may be affected. 

	The phpBB Group : 2002
// -->
Powered by <a href="" target="_phpbb" class="copyright">phpBB</a> &copy; 2001, 2005 phpBB Group</span></div>

tak to co potrebujes zacina Powered... ale to je asi uz jasny ;)

Napísané: So Júl 08, 2006 8:51 pm
od užívateľa Spade
Diky moc dutch ;) Si jednoducho borec!